Network Activation

Great leadership, high employee engagement, an empowering culture and a continuous flow of knowledge are key to activating the power of the individuals and of the organisational networks they are part of – consciously or not.

Combining digital dynamic visualisation tools and sense-making sessions, Network Activation shows the gaps, identifies risks, but most importantly, reveals the opportunities, opening your organisation or department to a world of possibilities.

What for

Network Activation is a strategic activity to:

  • Identify and activate the networks inside your organisation
  • Reveal and activate the knowledge and skills inside your organisation
  • Understand patterns and people of influence and activate leaders and change ambassadors
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate organisational learning and knowledge flows - through community activation, for instance

When to do it

Network Activation is a powerful intervention for when your organisation wants to:

  • encourage adoption of new values and behaviours;
  • increase employee engagement;
  • increase knowledge sharing, access and retention;
  • increase the impact of networked leadership.

What's included

A standard Network Activation service includes

1. Scoping & Kick Off

2. Data Gathering

3. Data Visualisation

4. Data Analysis

5. Sense-Making & Strategic Roadmap Sessions

Network Activation team

Network Activation is designed and facilitated by Ana Neves and Céline Schillinger

Ana Neves


Ana is an expert in knowledge management and organisational networks

Céline Schillinger

We Need Social

Céline is an expert in engaged leadership

Ready to activate the power of your organisation's networks?

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Designed and facilitated by Céline Schillinger of We Need Social and Laila Noort of Lagor Services