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Network Activation

Combining digital dynamic visualisation tools and collective sense-making workshops (optional), this strategic activity shows the gaps, risks and opportunities of your organisational networks

An intelligent partnership to improve access to information

Knowman has just established a partnership with Lisbon Collective to enrich its projects through the aggregation, systematisation and intelligent use of information.

A new intranet for ANACOM

Knowman helped the Portuguese regulatory authority for the communications sector with the specification, development and communication of ANACOM’s new intranet

The Social Collaboration Maturity Benchmark Report 2021 is now out

The second edition of the Social Collaboration Maturity Benchmark shows that covid-19 changed where we work but not how we collaborate and communicate

The Social Collaboration Maturity Scan is back

For all organisations wanting to assess the maturity stage of their intranets and enterprise social platforms and receive a set of free personalised recommendations