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Social Now 2022 was about teams in a hybrid context of work

Social Now 2022 is now over and the feedback was tremendous

Social Now 2022 will be about engaged, high-performing teams

Knowman is already preparing the 9th edition of the Social Now conference.

Dates are announced for Social Now 2022 in Lisbon

During the Social Now Reunion, Knowman announced the dates for the 9th edition of Social Now – 19 & 20 May 2022. Once again in Lisbon, Portugal.

A Social Now Reunion online

The Social Now Reunion will bring together professionals interested in the use of enterprise social platforms for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing

Social Now 2020 is cancelled

Considering the level of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemia Knowman decided to cancel what would be the 9th edition of the conference

Social Now 2020 will be about teams, communities and networks

After the great success of Social Now 2019, Knowman is already preparing the 9th edition of the conference. Social Now 2020 will be about “Powering your organisation’s teams, communities and networks”.

Dates for Social Now 2019 are set and theme is defined

The 8th edition of the Social Now 2019 conference will be in Lisbon, 6 & 7 June. The main theme will be “Developing Digital Leadership”.

Knowman organises Social Now

Knowman is back with another event. Social Now is happening 27th and 28th June in Oporto, Portugal. Social Now focuses on the use of social tools […]